Septic Tank Pumping

To prevent slow drains and clogs, it is important that you maintain your septic systems. At the least, you’ll experience slow drains in your home. At worst, you run the risk of contaminating your groundwater with raw sewage. Schedule your septic tank pumping and cleaning with Discount Septic LLC. They can customize your maintenance appointments to make sure your home stays free-flowing.

Replacement and Inspection

Whether you’re planning new construction or looking to replace your septic system, Discount Septic LLC can help you through the entire process. When you’ve bought a new home, we will install or replace your septic tank and all components so your system lasts longer than the home.
Installation of Septic System — Septic tank pumping in Semmes, AL

Emergency Repair

You may smell foul odors, experience slow-flushing toilets and drains or see water pooling in your yard. We can diagnose any issues between your home and your drain field. Call us to schedule an appointment.